Elite Property Services

Elite Property services include analysis of the property market situation, property database monitoring, provision of property variations, according to customer requests, budget calculation, site visits, negotiations with lenders or sellers.

Real estate

Property Evaluation

Property evaluation is identification of real estate value according to a unit functionality, financial reasonability and legal requirements. The service includes a number of stages:

  • definition of relevant aspect of a particular object valuation
  • collection and analysis of information, related to an object
  • calculation of a unit assessed valuation

Legal Support

Legal services involve various legal procedures: provisional contract preparation, bank coordination, agreement preparation, transaction control, prepayment control, customer interests representation, property registration, inheritance processing.

Mortgage Registration

Mortgage registration is a complex service, which includes several aspects: application drawing up, property selection, property evaluation, property insurance, transaction conclusion, bargain legal registration, property acceptance and payment transaction.

Due Diligence

Our lawyers use various approaches to a due diligence process, in order to provide an efficient legal service. The procedure is aimed at examination of following property information:

  • people, been registered in a certain property
  • transactions with this property involvement
  • property charging with mortgages
  • sellers of a property unit
  • documents verification