Residential Premises

There are two main groups of risks, which are taken care of by the Elite Property specialists.

  • Problems, related to legal aspects of a property transaction. Legal criteria can be considered as an essential aspect of an affair, as ignorance of legal nuances and specifics may lead to loss of property rights.
  • Issues, concerning property characteristics and its technical documentation. They do not effect legal ownership, but may influence living comfort. These issues usually result in extensive expenses, as maintenance, sanitary replacement, conditioning system renovation, plumbing works and so on.

Residential property

Is is recommended for a customer to identify personal needs and preferences on an apartment or a house. The matter concerns a purpose aspect of a dwelling. Functional expectations influence housing location, footage, type and budget. If a dwelling is purchased for a single person, only personal wishes will be taken into account. For families it is important to have hospitals, schools, kinder gardens and kids friendly neighborhood. Some customers specify their priorities, as availability of sport facilities, grocery stores, developed infrastructure or closeness to their relatives or friends.

At times, customers are satisfied with their district infrastructure, as they got used to it. In such case, it should be considered to stay in the same area. In some cases, closeness of highways and noisy public areas become a repulsive aspect.

We advise our customers to formulate a few specific property criteria for the first consultation with our real estate agents.