Commercial Premises

Commercial property is purchased for further beneficial business activity, and so, it is important for a buyer to carefully examine property criteria. At first, property functional range should be identified. As a rule, there are three possible business options: rent, reconstruction and further sale or private business development.

Commercial property

Rental business implies careful calculation of profitability from providing a place for a particular business. It is essential to monitor rental market needs and determine the most required property type: offices, retail stores, warehouses, catering premises or multi-purpose options. An alternative option is re-legalization of residential property into commercial under the direction of the Elite Property legal experts.

As a rule, reconstruction and sale of commercial premises is actual for downtowns and historical city centers, which represent the busiest city places. At the same time, old building systems do not allow to develop new-builts. At this point, rational investment concerns plastery, floor, ceiling and walls repair, water-supply system and conditioning. An owner can save at interior finish and design, as future holders may have different vision.

A place for private business development is determined by a business direction. As a rule, a free layout is preferable for any business occupation. A close attention is paid to physical condition of a place, provided technical equipment and location infrastructure. Neighborhood activity may also have an impact on your business: Elite Property checks surrounding enterprises, their hours of operation and occupation.