Tips to Lease a Car in Dubai for Budget Friendly Prices

Are you in Dubai and would want to lease a car? It may be for your business, your personal use or even for your stay in Dubai. Whichever reason you may have, the lease process is almost the same for everyone. However, there are some documents that you will be required to produce if you fall on a specified category. Let’s look at the requirements for both the UAE citizens and the non-citizens. We will also outline the general conditions that everyone, regardless of their citizenship, has to have for the contract to go through.

Leasing a Car

General Requirements

Before you are allowed to lease, you first have to prove that you have attained the required age set in UAE for eligible drivers. This is important because the rules in Dubai are different from other countries. Most countries let people drive as soon as they are 18 years of age. But in Dubai, you need to be at least 21 years of age to drive. You should also have a valid driving license that has been in use for the previous six months.

Requirements for UAE Nationals and The Gulf Cooperation Council Citizens

For a UAE national, you will need to have a valid local driving license. This and the money required to pay for the rental. For the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) citizens, the only necessary document to have would be your valid national license.

Requirements for Non-UAE Citizens

There are several rules about this category of people. First, you will need to have a valid international driving license. However, there are exceptions for citizens of some countries who would only need to provide their valid national license. The citizens of countries including the USA, South Africa, Australia and several EU states like Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Norway and Finland among others are exempted from the international driving license agreement. Also, Korea, Japan, Turkey and Greece citizens, who are also exempted from having an international driving license, should have their licenses translated to English.

Non-UAE citizens should also have their passports and relevant visas ready. Before you are granted the lease, the company will need to check these documents to verify their validity. The documents should be valid for the entire duration you intend to lease the car.

Why You Should Lease A Car

Lease a Car in Dubai

Leasing a car has several benefits, but the most significant perk would be the low cost the vehicle comes with. With a lease, you will not have to pay a large sum as a down payment. You are also exempted from several bills that come with owning a car since the rental company covers almost all the costs. You are also going to be avoiding depreciation costs. When you lease, you are only paying for the use of the car for as long as the lease is valid. Whatever happens to the car afterward is none of your concern. And if you feel like the car is not ideal for y, you can quickly get another one without much hassle. So why not lease a car in Dubai?