Requirements for Grenada Passport Through Investment

Granada citizenship by investment (CBI) was inaugurated in 1997. In 2013, the program went through some changes that made the process faster. Apart from making the process faster, the 2013 Citizenship by Investment Act loosened some of the conditions. Grenada is a beautiful Caribbean country that has many opportunities for investors in this program. Grenada CBI has 2 main options: investment in real estate or donation. The contribution is meant to spur the economy of the country while helping applicants benefit from the program. If you want to register for Grenada passport with Passpro, here are some of the requirements you should fulfill.

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Financial Means

All citizenships through investment have a financial obligation on the part of the applicant. In Grenada, a single applicant is required to make a donation of about $185,000 or a real estate investment of over $300,000. For family applicants (a couple and 2 children below 12 years) the requirement is above $253,000 and $321,000 in donation or real estate investment effectively. One should also show the source of their income. This is meant to avoid the use of proceeds of crime to buy citizenship.

Clean Criminal Record

The process of application is always rigorous to prevent criminals from taking advantage of the program. As an applicant, you should have a clear criminal record from your native state. The government uses a third party to do background checks. Once they are done with the due diligence process and they are satisfied, you are good to receive citizenship. The applicant should submit all the required documentation to aid in the verification process.

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Age Requirements

In order to qualify for the Grenada CBI plan, one should be at least 18 years old. For individuals joining their families as a dependent, they should be below 12 years. Children under this age do not need additional investment. Previously, it was a requirement for children between 18-30 years to be enrolled in a tertiary institution. Parents who are above the age of 55 years are also entitled to Grenadian citizenship even if they are not fully supported by the applicant.

Good Health

The aim of the program is to help the country spur its economic growth. Therefore, applicants who want to signup now should be in good health to contribute to this course. One should be able to work or run their business. The health agencies may also request for a certificate of vaccination for some diseases like yellow fever if you are coming from affected areas. The applicant and dependents should not have any serious health issues or contagious diseases.