Leading business districts in Dubai city

Private suites officesDubai as a leading business community in the world is no more a surprise to anyone. The city has been delivering some incredible business productions due to increased exposure, creative ideas, and a highly impressive approach by the authorities. There is no denying the fact that the number of business and employment opportunities available in Dubai are nowhere to be witnessed in the whole region. This is why the city is known to accommodate a large number of enterprises within the premises for a long time.

There are some areas in town that are particularly known for being business centers. The locations are accessible, approachable, and also affordable. Out of all of the other prime business locations in Dubai, the business bay is one of the best choices to make while renting an office space.

It is known to be another city in Dubai city that has its own residential and corporate sectors. From Dubai metro to every other facility is provided for residents of business bay. The project was established in 2003 that caters to the maximum needs of the local business community.

While a majority of the business owners are aware of the attraction of business bay, some are still hesitant in renting an office space due to high costs. When in reality, the business bay is a hub for all sorts of companies from small to big who are more than welcome to rent a favorable spot for their business activities.

So if you are planning to look for office space for rent in business bay Dubai, then look into your possible options first to make a wiser decision.

Types of serviced offices in Dubai

  1. Private Suites:

Flexi desk in officePrivate suites are an exquisite form of serviced offices in Dubai. The place has a classy interior and exterior with glass walls and a separate space for multiple employees/workers. They are furnished with a wall to wall carpet as well to make it look absolutely stunning. It is available to rent the same day as confirmed and operate accordingly.

  1. Private workstations:

Also known as plug and play workstations, the office is ready to rent out to independent individuals who prefer working in an official environment rather than from home comfort. There are a separate desk and built-in storage units to give it a complete office look.

  1. Flexi desk:

A flexi desk is for businesses that look for office space for a specified time period and restricted facilities. Basic services like a desk, cleaning worker, storage units, and other things are there but it is a kind of an office in which you can also keep a receptionist etc. for management purpose.

  1. Conference rooms:

If you already have an office in Dubai but space does not have a conference room for exclusive meetings then serviced offices also offer well-maintained conference rooms with a pleasant and charming atmosphere. Video conferencing and multimedia audio sessions can also be arranged on the client’s demand. The rooms are of different sizes varying from small, medium, and large.

Source: serenebusinesscenters.com