Five Things to Keep in Mind During Quad Bike Tours in Dubai

Dubai is synonymous with luxury vehicles. While a luxury vehicle is certainly a stylish way to travel, it isn’t the only way to see Dubai and the greater UAE. In fact, in many ways, it limits the things you can do and see during your stay in the country. If you truly want to experience Dubai, we recommend renting a quad bike and heading out into the areas of the emirate where a limo can’t take you. If you’re preparing for a quad biking tour in Dubai, there are a number of things you should be mindful of to ensure you get the safest and most enjoyable ride possible. You’ll find the most important of them outlined below.

Luxury Vehicles

Never Ride Alone

Like most things, quad biking is more fun with another person. It allows you to take the adrenaline of quad biking and blend it with the laughter and general merriment that is only possible in the company of somebody else. As well as making the experience more enjoyable, bringing a partner is beneficial as it adds another layer of security to the ride. Riding partners look out for each other, so you can rely on your friend to alert you to obstacles and potential dangers which you may otherwise miss.

Stay Visible

Visibility is of paramount importance when quad biking in Dubai. That goes for both staying visible and ensuring your vision is not obstructed. UV goggles are recommended to all quad bikers in the UAE, as the beaming sun could very easily blind a rider. Additionally, a quality pair of goggles will keep sand out of your eyes. Hi-vis gear should also be worn as it minimizes the risk of other riders colliding with your vehicle. The addition of a brightly colored flag to the back of your bike is also advised.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Given that temperatures in Dubai can exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit, it is always important to remain hydrated in the country. However, hydration becomes all the more important when quad biking under the UAE sun. Quad biking is quite a strenuous exercise, so you will almost definitely lose fluids at a rapid pace. Don’t forget to keep a bottle of water with you, to regain all that energy that you lost. Being dehydrated is probably the last thing you would want when riding through the desert.

Quad Biking in Dubai

Stick to The Map

We have heard far too many horror stories of quad bikers being overcome with bravado and veering off track. Even if you are an experienced rider, if you have never ridden a quad bike in Dubai before, you should stick to the designated riding area. If you’re unfamiliar with the vast UAE wilderness, it’s very easy to get lost. In a climate as tough as the UAE’s, this could lead to the unthinkable. So, play smart and stick to the plan.

Budget Correctly

The rental cost of quad biking Dubai bikes fluctuate depending on a number of factors. The length of the rental time, number of people and package you opt for will always differ. Some agencies will take you on a tour of the area, providing you with food and drinks throughout, while others will simply rent you the bikes for 15 minutes. Both experiences are amazing, so you shouldn’t worry about missing out if you can’t afford the most expensive option.