Features of Electric Water Heaters

UAE central electric water heaters have special features that make them so efficient when it comes to heating your water. These features include O’pro technology, diamond quality glass lining and pressure relief safety valves. Other features that you may want to include a chrome thermostat that is easy to read and the ability to control the unit from your smart-phone or tablet even when you are far away from home. Imagine you are flying home from a relaxing holiday but after hours of sitting in a cramped airplane all you can think of is getting home and taking a nice hot bath. If you have been away, then you probably switched off your water heater before you left in order to conserve energy. This means that without a remote solution that lets you turn on your water heater, you would arrive home only to be greeted with cold water and you won’t be able to have a nice hot bath. Having the ability to control the water heater from your phone will eliminate this problem.

UAE Central Electric Water Heaters

The Anti-Corrosion O’pro Technology System

O’pro technology uses the magnesium anode to help protect the water tank from corrosion by balancing the electric potentials of the tank and the heating element. The system was designed to last for a long time before it requires any sort of maintenance. Water that contains a lot of mineral partials is known as aggressive water; this type of water causes the heating element to corrode in your average water heater. O’pro technology balances the water so that it can’t cause corrosion and the lifespan of your water tank can be increased without the risk of holes or other problems.

Diamond- Quality Enamel Coating

Electric water heaters in Dubai are protected with a coating of diamond-quality enamel that helps prevent the element from rusting. Its second line of defense is the steel sleeves that the heating coil is situated in and it uses Steatite technology to protect the integrity of the water tank. It is no secret that there are cheaper option water heaters available that don’t embrace modern technology, these options may seem like a good idea to help you save money but a lower quality tank has much more chance of forming rust which leads to holes and you will end up having to replace the tank. If you buy a bad quality product then you can’t be surprised when you need to buy it twice due to the first option not working as well as you expected. Our water heaters use the highest quality materials, this ensures that the product will last for many years and won’t succumb to rust or wear and tear from you using it every day. The enamel that is used in our systems is the same that they use to create fake diamonds that look just as real as the real ones.

Dubai Central Electric Water Heaters


Atlantic water heaters were designed to be durable enough to use every day. The patented technology optimizes energy efficiency and helps you save money when it comes to your water heating bill. Thanks to this amazing technology, the quality of the water that goes into your water heater does not need to be a big concern for you.  The water that enters the water tank never comes in complete contact with the heating element. The unit has a large heat exchange surface that significantly lowers scale deposits and makes your water heater last a lot longer.