Are There Any Benefits to Book Your Rental Car in Advance?

Planning a well-deserved vacation means making sure that everything is in order before the big day arrives. One of the important checklist items that many travellers forget about is transportation! Sometimes public transport can be too restrictive and cumbersome. Car hire Dubai is much more flexible and gives more freedom to get from A to B when you choose to.

The best part is that everything can be organised before even arriving in Dubai. This ensures that a car will be ready when you arrive and you can tick it off the list as one less thing to worry about.

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Here’s why you should book your rental early:

Save Yourself Some Money

Booking a rental car in advance can save a lot of money and stress. When travellers arrive at the airport and order a rental from there they are exposed to much higher prices than if they had booked the car in advance. Car rental companies also drive prices up for the holiday seasons. A rental car booked in advance will be at a cheaper rate than if it was booked it just before you leave for vacation. If you are looking for a reliable agency, go with, the leading car rental agency in the Emirate.

Choose the Car You Want to Drive

Are you an SUV person or do you prefer sedans? Whatever your taste in vehicles is the rental company will be able to accommodate it if you book in advance. This is because vehicle availability depends on demand. Late bookings may render a traveller unable to find a vehicle suitable to accommodate a large family. By booking early the traveller can get the vehicle that they prefer for all their needs. Holiday time is family time so larger vehicles like SUVs go like hotcakes – it’s best to get booking early!

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Get the Best Accessories and Gadgets

Are you bringing your toddler along for the holiday? Does the rental company offer vehicles equipped with car seats? Rental companies do have these types of accessories available but not every vehicle comes with a seat installed. But, by booking early, the company can make sure to have these types of accessories available as soon as you arrive in Dubai.

So, When is the Best Time to Book a Rental?

It is best to start scouring for low rates six months before the vacation date and make a booking at least three months before the time. Once holiday season begins the high season rates will kick in. This is why it is best to make your booking during low season to secure a cheaper rate.

Can I Cancel if Cheaper Rates Surface?

Many rental companies offer free cancellation policies; there is a period after the booking has been made where a booking can be fully refunded. So if a better rate does pop up then contact the rental company, cancel and make a new booking!